Why do we clean our roofs? What is the importance of this task? Whether you are going to clean your roof or hire someone, it is important to know why this task is essential. Aside from that, you also have to know some important facts when cleaning your roof. It is not an easy task, you need to know the proper procedure and the products to use when cleaning. Here are some of them that could be helpful if you are considering the task. 

Cleaning Your Roof


  1. Do not wait until your roof is covered with algae to take actions. It can be very difficult to remove already and takes more time cleaning.
  2. Do not clean your roof without knowing the proper procedures and products to use.
  3. Do not clean during the sunny day. The sun will dry the chemical products immediately which limits its cleaning property.


  1. Do wet your roof first with plain water and leave it for a while. The moss and algae can me remove easily before you start applying the chemical products for cleaning.
  2. Do clean on a cloudy day with the calm wind blowing to lessen the interference of your task.
  3. Do extend your patience when cleaning. Algae won’t be removed with one cleaning. You have to re-apply again the solution to totally clean them.

Additional information about roof cleaning: 

  1. You can clean your roof but it will not be an easy task. It will require time, maximum a day of your time. If you are a busy person, look for aroofing in Mansfieldservice to do the job. But if you are set to do the task, there are three things you have to keep in mind. One, what are the chemical solution you will use for cleaning? Choosing a product is very essential. Only buy products on the manufacturer you can trust. This is because you have to consider also the landscape of your house. Some manufacturer produces harsh chemicals. Two, prepare yourself to do the full day task. You need to set aside to dedicate yourself on cleaning only the roof.  
  2. There are two ways you can clean your roof. The first one is through the use of highly pressurized water. It can be an effective way of removing moss, algae, and other dirt on your roof. The next one is cleaning through the chemical solutions. There are certain products used in removing the harmful things damaging your roof.
  3. It is not really expensive hiring a roof cleaning service. Hiring someone to clean your roof is not really that expensive. According to professionals, you have to clean them only once per three years. Then, usually, the service will charge you a fair price of about $200 to $800 only. The money you will pay is worth more than the time you will spend cleaning the whole day with all the chemical solutions.
  4. Algae on your roof are something you cannot ignore. They are actually affecting the lifespan of your roof. They feed on the shingles of your roof. This is a very important part of your roof since it blocks the sun heat. When your roof is slowly out of shingle, you might find your AC bills getting higher. So even if you don’t find algae yet in your roof, clean it once every three years.