As cliché as it sounds, exercising is the best way to keep your body healthy. Doing it regularly keeps you away from diseases. But did you know that over exercising can be dangerous? Even personal training has rules for safe and effective exercise routines for their clients.   

7 Dangers

As much as how dangerous over eating is, over exercising can do more damage than helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you happen to be over exercising daily and you somehow miraculously do not feel anything, here are the dangers and why you should slow down:   

1) Injuries  

True enough exercising strengthens our muscles, Santa Clara trainers have high intensity workouts for their clients. Over exercising on the other hand damages our muscles. You can tear a muscle, break your tendons or even your bones if you push yourself too hard or else you will end up with a lot of injuries.  

2) Stress  

When your body experiences usual physical activity specially over exercising, it could result into stress. Although exercising relieves, stress, doing it too much can stress you. When your energy drops, you will feel cranky and your muscle pains can become unbearable and you will end up stressing about it rather than feeling good.  

3) Sleep Problems  

Minimal exercise can help you improve your sleep but over doing it can leave you sleepless at night. Exercise boosts your energy, over doing it daily can result you toss and turn at night due to the excess energy you have from working out all day. So, try not to overdo it.   

4) Heart Problems  

Your heart is responsible for pumping blood carrying oxygen throughout your body. Your heart is a very powerful muscle, and it has its limitations too. Over exercising can cause your heart to overwork and eventually develop heart problems. It can also cause stroke and heart attack as it pumps double and your heart can no longer keep up with your work out.  

5) Joint Problems  

Lift weights and using heavy exercise equipment especially when you are over exercising can lead to joint problems. Pushing too hard to lift and push can damage your joint. In some cases, professional athletes are among the people who have joint problems due to over exercising.  

6) Irregular Periods  

For women, exercising can be a lifestyle. However over killing it, results to irregular periods. Estrogen levels can decrease when you over exercise. This hormonal imbalance could result to missed periods. Missed period are unhealthy, they could cause reproductive problems in the future.  

7) Body Pains  

When you are in your early days of working out you will experience normal body pains. Over doing exercise will leave you with body pains that are unbearable and may not be relieved with any type of pain killers. It could lead you to popping to much pain killer.  

Being fit is good. Exercising is one of the many and most effective ways of being healthy and fit. But too much of everything is bad. You will lose the essence of being healthy by over doing your work out and create more damage than healthy results. What you need is perfect balance of healthy diet and the right amount of exercise daily.